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Database Design and Development

Custom Reformatting & Data Conversion

Business data coding supposes using various data file types and formats for various purposes. Since there’s no common data format to meet any and all requirements (and it is highly unlikely that there will ever be one), you can’t do without data conversion. To optimize data conversion and reformatting processes we use time-proven and innovative tools that guarantee us stable financial rates even when we face sudden data transition and reformatting necessities. 

We believe that only continuous gathering of information and its subsequent analysis can guarantee stable business volume increase for an ecommerce company. That’s why we strive to utilize the most efficient data acquisition systems and strategies to make more profit. Digitizing reality with data acquisition (or DAQ) allows us to effectively store and process large clusters of business data, using them to optimize our online business strategies. 


The necessary data collection workflow for running an ecommerce business always includes the essential step of data validation. Working with business data is faster and far more effective if you use high-end data validation systems. In addition, setting up basic data validation rules makes it easier to uphold data quality standards. We use advanced automated data integration platforms to improve the accuracy and clarity of business data we deal with. 


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